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to better reflect that we are a 100% KIWI company
Blackview New Zealand is a team of Kiwis working for Kiwis!

Blackview New Zealand is the authorised Blackview Agent for Oceania we have the exclusive rights to market and distribute Blackview Smartphones in the region and also support Blackview products with a 12 Month warranty through our *BAR* (Blackview Authorised Resellers).

Our Vision:
"Smartphone for Everyone"
We truly believe that Smartphones should be affordable and available to everyone who wants or needs them.

Our Mission:
"we deliver *real value* mobile technology"

Why Mobile Phones?

We distributed about 2 million phones in a business growing at a rate of around 30% each month on month and we loved it!  - we left the business having made a significant difference to the way smartphones / cellphones were sold and distributed...we also saw the effect that mobile technology and devices had on people when it was made available to them.  Peoples quality of life improved as they could stay in touch with loved ones and family members.

Since then technology has moved on and smartphones are now improving the lives of people, giving them access to advanced mobile communications, information, quality cameras / video capability and a huge number of mobile apps, that all together improve productivity and overall enjoyment of life.

We set up Blackview New Zealand, to provide a "Smartphone for Everyone" - for ordinary everyday "Kiwis" at real value pricing.

Blackview - Designed by Blackview - Manufactured in Blackview's State of the Art Factory:

Blackview phones are made in China - just as many famous brands are made in China including top 3 smartphone brands in the world. 

We selected Blackview as a brand because they are innovative, good quality, reasonably priced and great products

Blackview understand the business they are in and understand that high quality Smartphones do not have to be expensive and restricted to those  who can afford to pay premium prices - or for them or be locked into high monthly repayments -
just to get a Smartphone

Smartphone Provisoning Process

All Blackview phones are pre-prepared for the market by our provisioning team in New Zealand before being delivered to customers  - we test every single phone for full operation before we let it leave our facility.

We offer all Blackview products at a  "great price"  so that everyone has an opportunity to have a good quality / great value smartphone in New Zealand.

Blackview support their products with a 12 month warranty which we also offer in New Zealand to all of our customers.

We have tested Blackview products extensively with friends, family, partners and also with real customers - we have discussed, researched, canvassed, run focus groups and reviewed Blackview products until we have become satisfied that Blackview is a great product for Kiwis to use.
We truly believe that at these prices Blackview is a "Smartphone for Everyone" -we want you to get "real value mobile technology"

If you are already a customer thank you for choosing a Blackview NZ Ltd product thru our distributer COMPUTERZ AND MORE LTD

The Blackview New Zealand Team.